Sunday, January 16, 2005

Written at home a few days ago, forgot to bring it in to post:

At this morning’s peanut toss, I could see that some of my squirlies are already pregnant with this year’s winter-baby batch. How they can raise a family during February inside what is basically a wad of dry leaves crammed into the crotch of a tree, I don’t know. Seems like those hairless squirlitos/-as would be awfully chilly. Maybe it selects for genetically cold-hardy squirrels?

Turns out that squirrels do not like salted peanuts. I suspect that a lot of salt is bad for them, as it is for us, but I didn’t know if they would know that. I received some salted peanuts as a (squirrel-feeding) gift, but they only went for it for one day. The following day they would sniff at the salted ones and move on, only taking the bait if I tossed out some unsalted ones. I would guess they OD’d on the salt and then decided “never again!” even though I put them out on a melty day with plenty of liquid puddles. I thought if they were hungry enough salted peanuts would be better than none, but apparently the squirrels don’t agree.

Now I have all these salted peanuts…

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