Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I just didn't want to leave that ranty post as my last entry. I'm still kind of crabby, but I know from experience that something will work out, somehow, darnit.

At least I did find my other required committee member "from outside the department" today, (ridiculous requirement that it is)...

Well, must go home and sulk, or else get to reviewing all the material I've learned for the past 7 years in preparation for these interviews coming up. Or, heck, why not do both, sulk and review? I think I'll do that.

I did wear my new suit today, as a kind of test drive (my new client no-showed, so there was no need to dress up after all), and received numerous compliments. So, at least I look prestigious, even if I'm heading for "dirt-poor". (Is this what is known as genteel poverty?)

Oh, and also, I finally replaced my 12-year-old boots that sadly wore out last year, as well as my 7-year-old "gym shoes" that also wore out last year but I've still been wearing anyway. I had reluctantly, guiltily decided that I would likely spend $60 and get 3 pairs of shoes (needed interview shoes), but in fact spent $50 and got 4 pairs of shoes.

So those things are good. (The shoes will probably last through the internship year, anyway.)


MadNorthman said...

Well cousin, I did read both of your posts, sounds about right for internships, and things will work out. If you inetrview in the Chicago area you have crash space, (you'll have to share the sofa with the cats, but they won't mind)

argotnaut said...

My lawyers will be contacting you about this blatant copyright infringement!

I was _thinking_ of getting you a pair of the nifty recycled boots that I have (and bought for Leslie), but they have ventilation holes, making them unsuitable for Michican winters. They're more summer boots, if that makes any sense.

argotnaut said...

acch! Michi_G_an!

liz said...

Wait--what copyright? Ranty post? (How can you say that when I have another complete ranty blog?)

Northman--good luck to your GF in her (closely-related) field of Sociology--sheesh. Or was it Social Work?

Thanks for the offer of cat-related sleeping! :)

(It's simply not fair that although I love kitties, I'm horribly asthmatic when it comes to all furry animals. Or feathery. OK, let's just say "warm-blooded".)

Anonymous said...

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