Monday, January 17, 2005

Michigan has become "finger-splittingly cold" as Library Squirrel pointed out regarding her own town. This morning I saw that the Nude Squirrel has divested itself of even more hair, and is now almost entirely bald. TheLimey says this is simply a ploy to get me to deliver its peanuts directly to the foot of its tree. If so, the ploy is working.

An old friend from Norway recently emailed me to say that he checked out my blog, and then fell asleep, supposedly with no direct connection. (Huh! I'll bet.)

I am far too excited about having my own printer and scanner for the first time ever. Setting them up this weekend is what I'm most looking forward to! Mmmm....fresh technology.

I definitely have New Year's Throwoutitis. I even subscribed to my local Freecycle in order to not feel guilty about the stuff I'm getting rid of. Now that I have my PDA data backed up [twice over], I am free to remove the PC that Frinkenstein and ArgotNaut gave me about ...what, 4? 5? years ago (all sentimental attachment aside). Last night I completely took it apart, and a Freecycler is coming by this evening to pick up the Syquest drive. He sounds very excited about recovering some files somewhere.

I think I will have to list my library cart as well, as much as I liked the idea of it initially. It's just too heavy and big for an apartment, and currently resides stuffed into a closet with shoes and a big toolbox on it. I still don't really know how I got it up three flights of stairs by myself.

One thing I don't understand is why I have lately been having so many hits related to UTI treatment. That post has been up for months. Why the sudden interest in the past few weeks?


The Limey said...

Well at least I know my place now, right behind a printer..

argotnaut said...

Maybe some search engine just now got 'holt of it.

Andrew said...

Hey! I need that Syquest drive back! I need to recover some stuff I recorded for an old band!

Just kidding. Beleive me.

I was trying to remember the other day just how fast that old PC was. A blazing 233Mhz, I think. Amazing. Your mention of "Tron" reminded me of a review I saw of the movie recently -- it's been playing at the Hollywood Theater (where we saw "Jaws" while you two were in town.) Anyway, the review said something to the effect of, "Remember when we thought that a computer could take over the world, even though the PDA you have now probably has more processing speed?"

liz said...

No, no, no--you're not *behind* the printer, you're contextually involved in the whole "playing with technology" activity!

(Besides, who knows if it will even arrive by this weekend? They probably sent it UPS, which means the usual 5 or 6 day redelivery dance to another location, then dragging the darn items home in my cart. Angrily.)

Er...I think one can still get Syquest drives on eBay..?