Saturday, January 29, 2005

Found a "blog disclaimer" (see at right) on Bacon, Cheese, and Oatcakes. (Ironically, after reading B, C, & O, I feel like I know the author!)

If I keep finding items to add to my sidebar, it's going to look like a teenage AOLer's pretty soon.

Experiencing incredible resistance to doing the rewrites of my dissertation proposal. I don't want to ever do anything again! Anything.


Gwen said...

I've been pondering this blog disclaimer for a few days. I like the content of what it says, but is it really a 'disclaimer'? It doesn't read like what I think disclaimers usually are.

Not that I can think of a better word for what it is. It reads more like an Internet Use Policy (to speak in librarian-speak phrases), or a Blog Reader's Bible, or summat like dat.

liz said...

Netiquette primer?