Sunday, October 21, 2007

Any Powdered-Milk Recipes?

Boy, if that title doesn't attract spam comments, I don't know what will.
I've been looking for cookie recipes that incorporate powdered milk.  This is because when I started working, I was worried that I might have trouble pumping enough milk at work, so I bought a tin of formula.  But we never even cracked it.  Even though I didn't pump as much milk as he was used to drinking, he was already onto solid food and various drinks, so it wasn't necessary.  Besides, I've tried formula myself and it is NASTY!  As in, milk with vitamins crumbled up in it.  I can't believe so many babies drink it day in and day out. 
Nevertheless, it occurred to me that it would probably be okay cooked into something like cookies where it's not the main ingredient, but can add some protein and vitamins, so i could substitue it for powdered milk.  But the only cookie / biscuit recipes with powdered milk I seem able to find are either a) dog biscuits, or b) refrigerator cookies with peanut butter in them, and I still haven't added much peanut to his diet yet.  Besides, I want real cookies, not no-bakes.
So if you have a good cookie recipe with powdered milk in it, let me know.  Otherwise I'll cobble something up from an existing recipe.  Eventually.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Even A Person Who Is Not Dumb

...can be really ignorant!
That is all.

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Best Defense...

I've owned the d0ct0r lizard0 domain name since 1992*, among a couple of other, newer ones. I have always maintained it one way or another (renewing the site vs. renewing just the domain name, for example), though I haven't always [ever] really understood the arcane system Yahoo and their Australian IT company have for being related to one another and keeping track of all the malarkey.

Long story short, I renewed just the domain name again last November, but before it was up for renewal, just for the sake of uniformity with my other domain names. Come May, the Australian sister site began sending me "URGENT! Your domain is up for renewal!" notices, which I ignored as redundant and automated. I've had similar messages for the others, at times, that came to naught, because I had already renewed them! But then in August this year, apparently they sold my domain name to someone else.

My husband noticed it before I did, as I don't have time to play with web stuff these days (not that he does either, but somehow he noticed it.) At first I thought it was just one of those placeholder kind of pages, until the other day when for a different reason I was looking at my Yahoo business domains control panel (or whatever the heck they call it). I realized that not only was I unable to access that particular site, but WHOIS said it was registered to [identity screen] in Oregon and it was locked. So yay. But here I am, still paying $9.99 per year for it, in perpetuity.

Having a bit of insomnia last night, I had the brilliant inspiration to bill the current user. So I wrote out an invoice and emailed them a bill for nearly $900 dollars. I think $299 a month to use my domain name for their search engine is reasonable, don't you? I also emailed the Australian IT company and told them politely that I was doing this, and that if the current individual or organization was unresponsive, I'd be sending the bills to their company. Since I don't feel terribly emotionally invested in the site, I feel freer than I normally would to push the limits a bit and see what results I can get.

Heck, it was their responsibility to make sure they weren't double-selling a domain name. And Yahoo--they should have protected my domain name, so it's their responsibility, too. Maybe I'll write them later if I have further insomnia.

Yes, I should have replied to the emails about renewing--just this once--but how is a person supposed to know when to really do it when it's always been okay to ignore it as redundant before?

*2002. See my reply to my own post. Duh.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Loving It

Just a quick post to say that I really like my internship.

It's true that it's very busy, and there have been a number of days upon which I had to stay later to get my paperwork done. However, I really like it nonetheless. I believe I have really made the correct career choice, and I look forward to practicing on my own later. The site I'm at is very culture-conscious, so I really feel I'm settling into my "niche" as far as later work.

I'd like to add more research to my CV to enhance teaching opportunities, but time constraints are making that pretty hard. I can't really do any at home as I take over Limelet-care on evenings and weekends, and I have nearly no minutes to spare at work, though we're supposed to do SOME kind of research during the year. (I say this despite my writing this post. I had someone reschedule, so I'm trying to catch up on paperwork kind of stuff. Not enough time to get into much of the research, though.)

TheLimey and I have both been looking into jobs for next year, which is partly nerve-wracking and partly exciting. He's looking at updating his training, and I'm looking at getting some kind of clinical work. I know 80% of jobs are not posted, which probably holds more or less true in my field as well. That means I have to find some other ways of looking for positions.

The next hurdle for me (after revising and defending my dissertation, of course) is to get work that leads to being licensed in the state where we will live. This typically means about 2000 hours (about a year's worth) of clinical work postdoctorally (after diss defense), which has to be supervised by someone licensed who has a PhD in Clinical Psychology (the same degree I will have). Then there will be a big, big licensing exam that I have to pass.

Then after that, I can do whatever I want! Within ethical reason, of course.

Teaching doesn't require a license to practice (treat), but it also doesn't lead to licensure. They're kind of separate.

I miss my baby while at work, but he's doing well with Daddy and he's becoming socialized to other children and adults, which is good. I believe that this week they will go to see members of Cirque du Soleil at the local library. (Cirque du Puree for you Simpson's aficionados.)