Thursday, January 06, 2005

Just a quick post to mention that I made it to my motel in Penn-syl-VAY-nee-ah [thunder crack] ...ah ah ah ah ah...

However, instead of the optimistic 4.5 hours suggested by Mapquest, it took 9 hours. A couple extra hours for weather, an extra hour for when I was somehow shunted onto the I-80 instead of the I-90 (I swear, normally I am an above-average navigator), and an hour for driving around this stupid secluded hilly area looking for the actual motel, since Mapquest gave inconsistent directions. (At one point, I actually pulled in to the parking lot next to the motel while looking at my maps, and then went on driving around for another half an hour.) There was some easy, light-out, no-traffic, dry driving, and then later there was some scary, dark, truckfull [or lorryfull], icy-shiny, and dark driving, but I didn't have any close calls, and I made it.

Now my main concern is that I'm very tired and cranky (as opposed to what--how I normally am? Ha!) And this evening was supposed to be my cram/review time.

Well, actually, this entire autumn was supposed to be that, but it was other work instead. And then last week was supposed to be that, but was proposal-writing instead. And then the past couple days were supposed to be that, but instead were taken up with things like --OOPS! Still haven't updated the syllabus nor written a 3-hour lecture and my new class begins tonight! And so on and so on.

So here I am, 14 hours before the interview, with a giant pile of hardbound texts--15, to be exact, wishing it was 4pm instead of 11pm. I could have gotten so much more cramming done!

Also, if I hear anything like "Oh, don't worry about it--if you haven't learned it during the past four years, then you wouldn't have learned it this afternoon, either" I have to say that is dead wrong. Last-minute cramming does work, and can make a huge difference.

Kind of funny--here I am out in the utter boonies, in the howling dead of winter in a cheap(ish) motel featuring a country band, but I'm using free wi-fi, and talking to TheLimey (who is in Florida right now) on my cellphone. ( And making Peach Apricot Honeybush tea in the in-room coffeemaker.) Très new millenium.

Okay, off to cramming.

(Perhaps in the bath...ah, the DSM-IV [Text Revision], the Comparative Interventions for Adult Disorders, the Guide to Managed Health Care Systems, and some nice hot bubbles.)


argotnaut said...

Upon first reading, I thought that said _Guide to Mangled Health Care_.

Juice said...

Don't feel too bad about your traveling mishaps. I once accidentally drove to Chatanooga while trying to drive to Charlotte due to a wrong turn in Atlanta. And THEN I had to phone my future mother-in-law to get my future-wife's work number so I could explain why I would be four hours later than expected, thus cementing my status as a goob in Ma's mind.

That's okay, she's married a goob too. She understands.