Saturday, January 29, 2005

I've done it: I've downloaded the Google beta desktop search. I couldn't help myself. How could I not want something that can search the content of all my files instead of just the names?

I always name files weird things anyway. (Although I generally don't notice that until later when I'm trying to find something very important and it's named "FlapJack24_Feb" instead of "buckwheat pancake recipe" or whatever.)

Anyway, my searchables are very small but I'm still excited about being able to search them.


argotnaut said...

That's why I'm addicted to DevonThink for Mac! (Which I actually paid for. AFAIK, Google doesn't have search for Mac yet.)

leon said...

google needs to get on the right side and start coming through with the mac programs.

liz said...

I had to get rid of that thing. It was making other programs crash. The instant I uninstalled it, they were fine!