Saturday, April 30, 2011

Buchanan Park Fair 2011

Here's the thing. For no apparent reason, it has been nearly impossible to find out anything online about the annual carnival/festival/fair going on in nearby Buchanan Park until it's already over. Every single year (for the past three years.) I have only ever found out about it by literally walking past and seeing them setting up the rides. This is not unlike the whole thing with the petting zoo (only more so). I guess they figure if you don't magically already know about it, they're not going to tell you. So I'm posting this for anyone else who's been futilely looking for info online.
Anyway, we were at the park this morning, and it looks like they are setting up the rides. I'm guessing setting up, because they logically wouldn't be taking them down on a Saturday morning. Also, the area doesn't look devastated by fairgoers yet. So in theory, I think they will probably start it up on Thursday (or possibly Wednesday) and go through Sunday.
You're welcome.