Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Spent the weekend cocooning at home (my home) with TheLimey and my new techno-toys, and doing such domestic things as grocery shopping and trying out tofurky. (Initially turkey-like, but then becomes non-turkeyish after a while). We also spent one morning working on our laptops at a nearby cafe, which turns out to now have wi-fi (though we were out of cash after the coffees, so didn't tap into it.) One highlight of the weekend was watching The Village in bed, with popcorn.

Now that I have a printer at home and have fewer meetings, I have less reason to venture onto campus at all. It turns out that even if I therefore neglect my email entirely for a weekend, nothing explodes or disintegrates, although it feels weird, like ignoring a compulsion. I think I enjoy the less-Internet-interaction mode.

In fact I find I've really been avoiding going outside at all, now that just stepping outside my door results in a giant asthma attack. I have an appointment in about half an hour at which I will request Singulair, which has worked well for ArgotNaut. I haven't had asthma this bad since I was a kid, and I don't think it's ever lasted this long. I attribute it to all that stress since summer, and hope it will diminish as my routine returns to somewhat normal...

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