Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Received my printer today, but have not yet opened the box. I'm awaiting cartridges before I even try to set up. (I already know there are no starter cartridges in it, because the seller said so.) Oh, heck--I probably won't be able to resist when I actually go home, though.

Luckily for me, I was actually working at home when the shipper arrived!! I was foiled in my rantery, for it was DHL, not UPS. I imagine all the same things apply. This semester I actually have the freedom to do somewhat more of my work at home, which may invalidate my previous rant.

In looking up "mangy squirrels" online, I discovered that it is apparently BAD to feed mangy squirrels! (Poor cold, hungry things). This is because the food may attract other squirrels, who might then catch mange, too. However (wait for the it comes...), since that tree is so near to where I already throw so many peanuts, it hardly seems to matter.

I think that by not carefully preparing my lectures* around the text chapters, I have already spent all my really interesting stuff for class in about two sessions. That is, I know what stuff is interesting and surprising (race is not a biological matter but a social construct, and ramifications. Sex is way more ambiguous than we think, and ramifications, etc.) and I can just stand there and talk about it and get people to respond. I notice they seem more likely to write down the boring stuff, especially lists. Anyway, now I expect that the entire rest of the semester will bore the poor creatures to death.

Today: removed the algae from the bamboo vase in my bathroom, and also severely trimmed the bamboo itself. It's about 18 months overdue for its annual maintenance. But at that time I couldn't, and then recently I ... also couldn't. So there it is now, waiting at home in my bathroom, all clear and pristine and lovely.

Tomorrow: I get to stay home all day, although this will entail finally doing those dissertation proposal revisions to which I agreed a week ago. However, it will also allow me to do some more throwing out, as well as receive my shipments of ink cartridges, and cardigans, and--yes, okay!! Also some really nice orange-smelling shower gel from the Body Shop. Geez, give me the third degree. What?! No, I'm not defensive about spending money!!

Maybe the scanner will arrive, too...I can't wait to scan all the recipes in three years worth of Shape magazine, so I can Freecycle those glossy fakey 20-something never-lifted-over-a-5-lb-weight hides.

Still like the recipes, though.

Note to self: cancel Shape subscription, get Mother Jones.

*This is not a blindingly wonderful site or anything. It's just to allow them to get their assignments and to see their grades. However, the current background photo does display the most squirrel-rich area on campus, which is always a plus.

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