Friday, July 23, 2010

Long's Park Petting Zoo

As far as I can tell, there is no solid information online anywhere
(certainly not on the Long's Park website) about the petting zoo,
except to say that it exists. So I actually went to the park today to
look at the actual signs at the petting zoo, and thought I'd post it
in case anyone else had the same problem. So here's what I found out:

-open Mid-May through Labor Day
-hours: 10am to 3pm weekdays and weekends
-BUT they close for lunch, 11:45-12:35
-it appears to be free. People were wandering in and out through the
gates and there was no ticket area or anything like that.
-I saw horses, a llama, and veterinary certificates for potbelly pigs.
There are more animals but I was looking at the signs more intently
than at the animals.
-no strollers are allowed inside the fence

Google Voice Transcript Strikes Again

This one was too good.

Message for David. D[xxxx] David, this is Ann with posh
pool squirming marshmallows. We did receive your order as our
exit meeting here to get back to you. I will email you to
let you know though that we are out of a couple of
flavor. Yeah. Okay, so maybe we can still get the order
out. Maybe a gentle with a little bit more of some other
flavors. I'll just email at info to you later than that
long voicemail. Okay. Hi David.

The actual voicemail was not from any kind of squirming anything, but
from Plush Puffs Homemade Marshmallows, and instead of "gentle" she
intends to juggle. Oddly, the transcript threw that "yeah" in there
for no apparent reason.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Heavy, But Not Very Stable / Like Something From the Bottom of the Periodic Table

Gmail keeps showing me an ad for a "4-Year Doctorite Program." ( - 4-Year Doctorite Program) But what exactly IS Doctorite? Is it
a) an element that strips one of their PhD powers by mere proximity (as my husband insists)
b) a PhD who has fallen through the academic atmosphere & burned down to a tiny fragment by the time s/he lands/graduates (as I suspect)?
Please show your work.