Tuesday, January 25, 2005

ARG! Just when I was beginning to trust Blogger again. I hit "publish" and got the "page not found" page, and when I back-arrowed, all the huge long post I had just typed in had disappeared, and only a big blank "post your entry" field waited. Dammit.

Anyway, the post basically consisted of a description of how contrary I got to feeling at the doctor's office when asked to describe my asthma for the five million and one-th time to a new doctor so they can come up with exactly the same prognosis as the previous five million. (And after I described in lurid detail the way in which I felt stress has been contributing to my current asthmatic state, the first doctor pointed out that stress is something that can contribute to asthma.)

So, they did give me what I asked for (Singulair) but acted kind of like I was insane for wanting it. And I couldn't come up with a rational reason for why I didn't want steroids, and my reason for not wanting to take things (Advair) with Serevent in them (deaths) as well as steroids, too, was politely pooh-poohed. So anyway, got both things (Singulair and Advair) as samples, so at least I get killed for free, for now. Hopefully my ability to get 8 hours of sleep a night will reduce my need for any and all of this.

Also have replaced my 3-year-old bed pillows, as TheLimey heard on NPR that 2-year-old bed pillows can consist of 10% dust mites/dust mite excrement, by weight. Not only is that allergenic, it's downright revolting!

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brainhell said...

Hmm, steroids? Maybe I should get on some... Fake an allergy?

Uh, we have the hypoallergenic pillows. But I would sleep on a pillow of 100% dust mite excrement. How bad could that be?