Thursday, March 27, 2008

Was Your Day Better Than This?

Last night Limelet was awake from 3:30 to 4:30, which all things considered is really not the worst night ever, but still I had a really hard time getting myself up in the morning for work and an even harder time getting out of the house.  He's really cranky and clingy when he's tired (got it from me, most likely.)

I had a client right at 8, and made it to the Center just at 8 myself, minus makeup as usual.  So there I was in my somewhat dark office, trying eat some string cheese (breakfast) and add a dash of makeup before the client arrived.
"Your client has arrived.  Your client has arrived," announced my desktop computer, as I hastily applied lipstick and darkened my eyebrows.  As I stood up to go to the lobby to get her, I checked my application in my powder mirror by the light of my coffee table lamp. 
It was then that I realized that instead of my usual subtle brown eyebrow pencil, I had grabbed a blue eyeliner pencil.  My eyebrows were a lovely bright blue.
Just as I assumed a horror-stricken expression, a colleague knocked on my door asking questions about some project we're working on.  I shielded my eyebrows with my hands while impressing on her that I was in a hurry.  This probably looked really odd, which you can tell if you try doing it yourself.
I think I managed to get most of it off before seeing the client, but who knows.  Maybe she just thought it was a new therapy trend, or (more likely) that it was a weird "old people" trend for the over-40 set.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Pat's

Happy St. Pat's
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You know it wasn't really snakes that were driven out of Ireland, but indigenous religions, right?

Slate pretty much explains it all here.

Just FYI: I'm not a big fan of human sacrifice, whatever the denomination.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Savings, Schmavings

I'm a little late for my yearly rant about Stupid Daylight Savings. It's much worse now having a kid. So, anyway, consider it ranted upon.

Now, for my alternative (I finally have one): we set the clocks back one hour 24 times each year, giving us all an extra hour to sleep in every few weeks or so, and coming 'round to the original time once per year. I realize it means that we'll be getting up when it's getting dark (or is dark) out for part of the year. But I think that the gain in restedness we'll all have will make up for it.

No more of this getting up an hour earlier during the springtime. This year it was just when we were all feeling vastly relieved because it was finally getting light when we got up. Then, BLAM! Now we have to get up in the dark again while still feeling tired.

Which more or less blows my alternative suggestion out of the water, but I don't care.

Friday, March 14, 2008

In A Circuitous Way

Pi Pie
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Happy Pi Day.

glazed pi
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There are a lot of these. Why don't we have one?!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Public Figure (?)

I'm realizing that people see me and recognize me in public, so I better make sure I walk my talk.
A young woman came into my office today with a big hunk of fabric today asking me how to wrap her baby in it.  She'd previously been to one of my babywearing talks, but I guess the thing that led her to try it out for herself was seeing me at the grocery store wearing a contented Limelet in one of my wraps.  (Her baby had been teething and doesn't want to be put down, which in my experience makes it hard to even go to the bathroom.)
And TheLimey told me that a woman from the library playgroup recognized--well, not me, but Limelet, and assumed (correctly) who I was.  Again at the grocery store.
So if those two people saw me, then I'm sure others have as well: I just heard about those two. 
Gosh, does this mean that I have to try to look good, or at least less bad, before going to the grocery store?  'Cause it's not likely to happen.

My Theme Song

The original song is pretty catchy already, but these lyrics speak to me.
I think my favorite part is the Seth Green segment.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Retired English Psychologist Apparently Quite Clever

48-year-old London psychologist developing movie-recommending algorithm for Netflix contest on his elderly home Dell computer has been edging out tech teams at high-caliber schools and so forth.
I'm rooting for him to win the million dollars!


I don't know. She seems to0 charming and sweet to be me.

I am Marianne Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Fantasy Cheese Tea

TheLimey and I actually had a conversation the other night...was it last week?  No, maybe the week before.  I mean a normal, honest-to-goodness conversation that included laughter and...content and...stuff.  We even had a glass of wine while conversing!  Limelet went to sleep relatively early and even stayed asleep with no intervention long enough (half an hour) for this to take place.
One thing we talked about was how fantasy changes as one gets older.  We used to fantasize (and I won't say whose was which) about winning the lottery, being able to fly, being incredibly attractive, having a really cool car, or dating celebrities (--no, wait a minute...I don't think that either of us has ever been terribly into celebrities.  Scratch that.  Unless you count my primary-school crush on James T. Kirk...anyway--).
TheLimey revealed his innermost fantasy life, and yes--it was something nearly impossible to achieve.  He fantasizes about having the chance to sit on the sofa and have a cheese sandwich and a cup of tea.
Me? Well, I've discovered that I am almost always too exhausted to even fantasize about cheese anymore.  Kind of like when you're too sick to watch TV, if you've ever experienced that.  I guess I fantasize about getting to sleep in until 7:00 or even 7:30. 
Or getting to bed earlier, so here goes.