Friday, June 20, 2008

Glad Midsommar!

Glad Midsommar!
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True, this photo(and caption) is Swedish, but It's pretty much the same as the Norwegian tradition.

If we were all there right now, we'd go out on a boat and loaf about under the midnight sun. Ah well.

Happy Solstice!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Red Humor

This is so me.
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Internet Conferences

I've been looking into online conferences since seeing screen shots on a news piece about a green energy conference that was held entirely online.  It looked more or less like a Second Life sort of affair.
I haven't found anything comparable being done in psychology, though there are a number of other kinds of online conferences such as this, this, and this.  Have any of you participated in any online conferences that leaned more towards the "virtual conference" than the "list of papers and chat rooms"?
...Man, is this post going to attract spam.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bus Post

[I've started using a PDA again to eke out a few posts while on the bus from time to time, as that's my "me" time.]

I've started walking to (and sometimes from) work in addition to busing it. It takes about 25 minutes if I walk really fast. The experience reminds me that a lot of the meat of my life has occurred while walking: the observation, the nature, the emotional processing. I've missed it more than I realized.

The first blooms here were the magnolias near the Counseling Center, and as they faded the cherry blossoms and then lilacs exploded all over campus. That explosion was at its height around Mother's Day. Except for a few late-blooming shaded lilacs, those are now gone, succeeded by the sweet trailing black locust blooms and cottonwood fluffs. The combination of blooms, scent and fluffs drifting on the breeze gives campus a "Legend" meets Maxwell Parrish feel.

It's weird thinking that this will be my last spring in this town. It's the first place I lived after leaving home. I've lived here (or within an hour or two's drive) for the past 21 years. I didn't even mean to do that: I wanted to actually seek out a place to live instead of "ending up" somewhere. Well, I've finally done it; finally planned a place to be. But I'm sentimental, and any "the last ever" is melancholy.

The familiar smells this spring bring back my early twenties. All the freedom, all the angst. All the cruddy jobs just to pay rent. All the skinniness! At this distance even the depression seems romantic in memory. But I sure am glad to be older.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


See, this is why I feel creeped out about having a background check. Even though I have never been fired from anywhere, never had any arrests--not even a speeding ticket that I can recall. But I don't have the best credit rating ever, though it's certainly improved a lot over the years. And they talk to your friends, family, and neighbors? How the heck do they know who my friends are?

And if they (manage to find and) talk to my family, they'll either get a good story or a bad story, depending whether they talk to certain malevolent persons [with whom I have no communication, and who have told all kinds of bizarre stories about me, such as that I left home a) because I had an abortion (?!) or b) because I was on drugs (?!), both of which are completely made up, presumably to hide the fact that I actually left home because I was 18 and didn't enjoy being abused]--or whether they talk to the people who are in my life today.

And I don't have that many "ex" friends, but I do have one or two. What would they say about me?

What would your family members and friends say about you? Would you want your new boss to hear them say it?