Thursday, June 30, 2005

I was having trouble posting to my new blog yesterday, and then today the entry showed up on this one. Blogger is weird.

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You know what's really great?

I'll be able to tell my future kids that their dad is an alien. And it will be true!

(This happened to a colleague of mine whose mom is German.)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


As you can see, at the bottom of my sidebar (on right) I have placed a progress bar like wot Tim has that he got from this Hasselhoffing guy.

Currently I'm working on writing up the results of my gender and nutrition study for submission to the research journal Appetite. (I am basing the percentage on the vague average of about 8,000 words in recently published reports.)

I have several analysis and writing projects I hope to finish this summer, so that when I apply for internships this fall I can have them on my vita as "in submission".

Actually, since I have so many balls in the air at once right now, I think I may start an entire new blog regarding my progress on various things...

Yeah, now that I think of it, it's a good idea. Then my advisor can just go look at my progress blog instead of pestering me.

I hope no one's taken "prog blog" yet, but I'm guessing they have.


Okay, here it is.

Mmmmm....organizey bars.....



I have removed the progress bar from this page. All progress bars are now corralled on the Prog Blog.

(I want to add a "wedding arrangements" one, but it's so difficult to quantify. )

Monday, June 27, 2005


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Phantom guest brings mystery dish!

Overlooking Sheffield

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I love this photo (from someone else's Flickr album). I've had it as wallpaper for a few days.

I hope I get to see this for myself some day.

(How could you stand to leave this and move here?)

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Squirrel Action Shot

Squirrel Action Shot
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This squirrel was skittish of coming close, but was leaping from branch to branch for the peanuts I tossed up into the tree for her. I could probably have just held one up and waited patiently, but it was fun tossing them.

Here you can see her little paw sticking out to try to catch the peanut.

She would have eventually caught one, too, if some guy hadn't come over to try to "help" me, and instantly scared her off into another tree entirely.

I was very disappointed. She had been doing such great tricks, and I was about to reward her!

Then I had to pretend to listen nicely while this amateur told me in all seriousness about how campus squirrels were bored with peanuts ("they can get peanuts anytime!"), and adored cookies instead.

Which is an exactly wrong argument -- rodents generally prefer familiar food items overall, and usually take a while to cautiously acclimate to new foods. (Not to say that campus squirrels might not be used to cookies at this point.)

It's an evolutionary device meant to reduce the risk of being poisoned. Humans have it too, especially in childhood. Hence those "picky eaters".
Incredibly hot up here in my third-floor AC-free apartment. I'm not yet used to the heat this year. Even when I do get used to the heat, the way my body wants to deal with it is to lie about like a melty blob rather than working. Shoot. 'Cause I got a lot of work to do.

The weather and early light is also influencing my waking up around 5:30 these days. I like that, especially when it's full light so early. (I observed the solstice by watching and appreciating both the sunrise and the sunset.) The only problem is that I'm very hot and tired by noon-ish.

However, the very early part of the morning is lovely and begs to be enjoyed outdoors.

I have managed to increase my jogging distance to three-quarters of a mile. You fit types may well laugh, but this is a big deal for me: a person with exercise-induced asthma and raised primarily to sit inside and read books. It wasn't too long ago that I could barely go an eighth of a mile. Now it's six times that! [Pats self on back]

Not only can I go farther now, but it seems that the increase has been going a lot faster lately, like I got past some kind of exercise hump. Something feels different and less torturous about it suddenly. I think that the increase to two miles will be a lot quicker than the increase to one mile was. (Or--I guess--is, as I am technically still at three-quarters. But I anticipate doing a full mile very soon.)

If I can get up to five miles at some point, perhaps I will join the notorious Hash House Harriers, a self-described "drinking club with a running problem". They're also known as the "lunatic fringe of running", and were (of course) originally started by some bored expatriate Brits in Malaysia, but are now international. An athletic friend of mine has been entertaining me with her experiences with them during the past few years.

However, for now, I think just the jogging itself is enough of a challenge. Chasing someone pretending to be a rabbit cross-country can be distant a fantasy for now.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Last night, while the world of all my desperate to-dos continued to crash down around me, I went to Chuck E. Cheese.

This was really because one of my colleagues threw a surprise birthday party for his wife there.

As it was my first time at a Chuck E. Cheese, I took full advantage of the entertainment possibilities. Along with several others, I played air hockey, but on my knees since it was really really tiny. I also tried skee-ball, which was slightly harder but also very small in scale. My favorite, however, was the game in which I had to punch some buttons to get little plastic balls to jump into the mouth of a big plastic frog.

I also tried some of the rides:


...and after spending the evening envying the children their gerbil-tube hanging from the ceiling, I finally snuck into it via the exit slide once the employees had closed it down. I think they preferred not to notice, as there are cameras everywhere in that joint.

Gerbil Tube

It turns out that crawling around in plastic tubes is very hard on the knees. We must all have had much chubbier knees as children.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Info Not Got

Info Not Got
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Received this message trying to upload something to Flickr.

Very descriptive.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


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A sorely needed squirrel break today.

They probably thought, "A sorely needed peanut break today".

There are some cute hand-wrestling photos in this set. Their little paws were warm on my air-conditioner-chilled hands.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Industrial wasteland and hunk

Handsome bloke
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We went for a walk around Ypsi Saturday and saw several houses, streets, and neighborhoods that we both liked.

This particular shot was in the kind of deserted industrial area I always want to picnic in.

Unfortunately, we found a yard sale with an extraordinary selection of really cool books. For very cheap.

This is unfortunate because I am trying to pack/ move/ sell/ throw out my possessions, not acquire more.

I don't know how much more the shelves can take!

Friday, June 17, 2005

I was recently at a baby shower for my advisor, where I was conversing with a certain author whom I've met a few times around campus. (Exceptionally nice lady, BTW.)

Her advice about publishing (although I want you to know it was unsolicited, since I was honestly not trying to snark writing tips from the token author) was that fiction really doesn't sell. Non-fiction does.

Therefore, one should start with writing non-fiction, and then you can branch out into fiction once you're already published. (It seemed to make sense, when I thought about, for example, Michael Crichton, who knows how to write medical matters in a way that laymen understand.)

I asked, "So, is that how you did it? Did you start with non-fiction?" Sheepishly, she admitted that she had actually started right in with fiction, although she attributed her initial "break" to the luck of being in the right place at the right time.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


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The title is pretty self-explanatory, really...this is at that wedding.


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We were laughing with you, not at you. I swear.
Dumb but made me laugh:

Snakes are God's way of saying:

"Hey, look! A snake!"

Sunday, June 12, 2005

The RSVPs have begun trickling in. It's fun to see that they actually work!

However, yesterday I received a non-attending RSVP card...with no name on it. It has a Detroit postmark, but we haven't sent any to anyone actually in Detroit.

So it's just someone we know who happened to be in Detroit and thought they'd send their no-name RSVP right then. Just to drive me mad!

(If you're reading this, please let me know who you are.)


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This cracks me up. Oh no, it's not mine. It's from here.

(Notice the little heart in the browser bar.)

Somebody spent a lot of time on this painting.


Campus Squirrel

Campus Squirrel
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"Ready. Set. Peanut snatch!"

I tried to get a shot of this squirlie pup lying spread out on the cool stone bench, but the minute I stopped, she jumped up in anticipation of peanuts.

Heinz Beans

Heinz Beans
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I have to get these in the imports section of the grocery store here. Must keep my sweetheart happy by providing the traditional food of his people.

For some reason I really like how the cans [tins] look in their lovely turquoise labels.

I would make a display of them in the kitchen...

Saturday, June 11, 2005

I so often feel like I never get anything done, and that my to-do list(s) either maintain(s) its/their size or seem/s increasingly longer with each passing month and year. And the things on it/them seem to be getting more urgent, complicated, and important.

And yet, I have successfully completed a graduate degree and done all sorts of other things along the way, too. So why do I feel like I never get anything done? Even completion of big hairy tasks, like thesis defense, doesn’t leave a lingering feeling of accomplishment. Instead, I end up feeling something like, “Thank goodness that’s out of the way, because now I can get to all this other stuff it was keeping me from doing”.

I have decided that it’s similar to the phenomenon wherein we always find something in the last place we look, but it’s because then we stop looking. Similarly, this “nothing done” phenomenon exists because I have “to-do” lists, and I don’t have “have-done” lists. That is, once I complete a task, it falls off my radar entirely. Thus, I am always focused on what remains to be done, which will truly be endless until the day I die.

June 11 to-do item: begin keeping a “have-done” list.

Friday, June 10, 2005


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I don't think I'll be able to recreate this kind of flagrant toiletries display in TheLimey's bathroom, so I better have a record of it.


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From last week. Or so. Puir little critter.

Hong Kong Envelope

Hong Kong Envelope
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Just seeing if or how this works...

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Have managed to upload a few photos to Flickr.

This reminds me that the original reason I began blogging (back in the mists of time) was in order to post my photos with comments for friends and relatives. So how did it turn into this random journal/confessional/thingamajig? [I originally wrote "thinkamajig", and now I think I like that as a new word.]

I did two OCD assessments per phone today. They are supposed to take 30 - 45 minutes, which the first one did. However, the second one took two hours.

These people are both coming in next week for in-person interviews that usually take 2.5 - 3 hours. If the conversion holds true, will that one person's take twelve hours?

For some people with OCD, normal conversation can be difficult, particularly if they have the "just right" thing going on. That is, they have to make sure that everything they say is exactly the right thing.

That means, if I ask the question "Do you have current or past unreasonable fears that you may harm someone in some way?" Then they are compelled to parse every single word in the sentence to make sure they are saying the right answer, and not inadvertently lying, if they say "current". For example.

"Well, the last time I felt that way was last week, because I haven't been driving since last week, and it's mainly about whether I'll accidentally hit someone on the road. So I don't know if last week counts as presently. Or currently. But since last week I've been avoiding driving, so it may not count. If you mean any kind of harm at all, I also worry that I might accidentally put chemicals in my husband's food. But I won't be cooking the meals until next week. So that's more--future--than...currently. And I don't know for absolute sure if he would really be harmed if I did that anyway, so I don't know if you can call it a fear of harming someone. More a fear of possibly harming someone." --you get the idea.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Today it has been my pleasure to go about the clinic whistling obscure yet catchy tunes in order to infect others with them.

For example "I've got the joy joy joy...etc.", or "On Top of Old Smokey [On Top of Spaghetti]", or even the theme to Hawaii-5-0, complete with trumpet riffs. I was very gratified to hear some poor soul also start whistling said theme a few minutes later. ("Liz!")

They oughta just be grateful I'm not singing my version of the theme for that latest Star Trek series ("I'm goin' where my pants may take me...").

I also had some pictures to upload to Flickr for you, but I'm in the clinic, where computers simply won't interface with any disk or memory stick. And I've really tried. Danged stupid things.

Anyway, the pictures involved a raccoon and my bathroom. (Not in the same picture, however.)

Maybe I'll get a chance to post them if my neighbor's wireless comes back on. Internet access has been pretty tight lately for some reason.

Monday, June 06, 2005


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Here; this is the photo that finally compelled me to join Flickr. How can I not share this with as many people as possible?


Sunday, June 05, 2005

I give in.

All the cool kids now have Flickr accounts, so I had to get one too.

If you have never seen an illuminated squirrel, now you can. It was at Lowe's.

Too busy this weekend to write a post. Maybe later.