Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon
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Happy Autumn Equinox / Full Moon

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Equinox Approaches, Also TLAP Day

My favorite time of year. Both equinoxes, but especially the autumn one. For whatever reason.
We had a goof on our taxes last year and just got the bill this summer, so I filled out the many associated forms and sent a check. It was only as I was scanning the documents for copies that I realized the number of the check I was sending was, naturally, 666. I'm sure if someone at the IRS notices that they will think it was on purpose. Are we cursing them, or are we saying they are the Devil? Who knows. They cashed it anyway.
Watching yet another pirate film with a fiddler on deck during the melee, TheLimey said that instead he'd have someone playing a bass. Maybe he meant electric, but I pictured stand-up. Nevertheless, I said I'd have a theremin player. Of course, a theremin player would probably be the first one to end up in Davy Jones's locker during the battle, but that's the risk you take being a pirate thereminist.
Now, I must continue cleaning entire house for Limelet's birthday party on Saturday. I've given up on the idea of steaming the upstairs carpet after we all got sick and lost time this week. I did get the seven bales of hay for the back yard, though. For kids to play on. So far Limelet likes them, and rolls them around the yard although they are larger than he is.