Wednesday, January 26, 2005

This one is for Eric, whom I promised a while ago to send some recipes for Norwegian treats. Now that I have a scanner all of my very own, I can create pdf files! (Note: this one is 30 pages long, so it may be a long download.) I tried using the OCR, and it was surprising how much it recognized (even included the little illustrations of cakes and things). However, I didn't have time to scan and then edit 30 pages of recipes, so a pdf file it is. The original book is very nice and Norsk-like and can be found on Amazon, if used.

I scanned all the recipes in a foot-high pile of Shape magazine so now I can Freecycle them, since I was vaguely imagining that I was keeping them for the recipes. (Did I already write this before? ...Note to self: make list of extraneous stuff to post on Freecycle!)

I have also been randomly scanning any of my own recipes that I wrote on an index card and stuffed into my recipe books, too. Oh, and I also scanned the lovely Library Squirrel cookies recipe printout I brought home in...December? November? I guess I could have just waited to download the message onto my jumpdrive and bring it home, but I was busy having a scanning frenzy. Also a throwing-things-out frenzy. It's fun!! It's January!

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Eric said...

Yay, recipes!!!! Tusen takk skal du ha :o)