Thursday, January 06, 2005

Also, apropos of nothing, why in the universe did someone have to find my site (through Italian MSN, no less) with the search terms "mistress strap on clips"?! Is it just to make me puzzled/upset/disgusted?? And while I can fit some of those terms together to make some kind of fetishy concept....what the heck is the deal with "clips"?! No, please don't actually tell me.

In other news, the mangy squirrel has lost all the hair on its front half. I can't tell you how pathetic a half-naked, half-pink squirrel looks hopping through a foot of snow. I placed a pile of peanuts at the foot of its tree, in hopes of reducing its foraging time just a little bit. Poor little scrawny topless squirrel.

(Great, another likely search term! "Topless squirrels".)


argotnaut said...

Poor thing! I want to knit him a tiny sweater!

The Limey said...

"mistress strap on clips" - perhaps you should feel flattered?

argotnaut said...

Was just scrolling past your older entries, and voila! It occurred to me: clips = FILM clips. Duh. Now it all makes sense.