Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I was supposed to rewrite my methods section over the weekend, but in fact did bugger-all. In fact, I felt like I could barely move, except to roll over onto my other side. It was my first free weekend since early June. (Well, okay, we did go to Portland over Labor Day weekend, but that’s different. Travel is fun, but surely doesn’t count as stress-free.)

I have been forced to completely neglect everyone and everything in my life in the way that one does when there is a huge push to get some urgent task finished, gobbling up early mornings and late nights, usually lasting a few days or maybe a week. However, for me it’s lasted for months and months and months!

I have a strange feeling of unreality when I look back at this past academic year. I know I already reported the things I did, but I keep feeling compelled to actually write them out in explicit list form.

So here it is,

What I accomplished in somewhat over five months:

*Attended (and presented my research at) my first APA convention
*Wrote and defended my thesis, then rewrote (from the hypotheses up) and redefended my thesis (still resentful about that one, BTW)
*Wrote my Giant Comprehensive Qualifying Exams

*Underwent the grueling process of internship applications
*Developed my dissertation from the concept stage up through selecting my committee, research, designing, and writing the proposal stages, all the way through to scheduling and successfully presenting the proposal defense
*Undertook the actual internship interviews out of state

…and I did all these things while simultaneously:
*Teaching my first class for the first time
*Maintaining 10-20 clinic hours a week
So, no wonder I haven’t sent out holiday cards this year, or written letters, or even read my mail from September/October that was still sitting on my coffee table, or cleaned out my refrigerator, or …everything, really.

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Denise Hansen said...

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