Sunday, January 09, 2005

Just wanted to let people know I made it back to Michigan with no adverse events. There was another snowstorm on the second day of interviews, but things were cleared up by the time I got on the road.

I liked the Ohio location a lot better than the Pennsylvania location--Erie seemed like a town that was crushed during the Depression and never came back, whereas Kent* seemed like a cool small town with University-town features. However, both places seemed like they would work a person half to death, as apparently is typical for consortium sites. (A consortium site is one that uses interns kind of in a time-share way with rotations between two or more treatment centers/clinics/whatever.)

Also found out from a current intern that one can still get student loans during the internship year! (One of the few unmarried interns, so she knew what she was talking about.) Which solves my financial crisis for next year, although of course it would have been nice to get interviews at one of the higher-paid sites so as not to increase my already-staggering student-loan balance.

*Yes, that is Kent as in Kent State University, home of the student-shooting National Guard.


MadNorthman said...

Glad you made it there and back ok, hope the interviews went well.

liz said...

Thanks--I hope so too!