Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Wrote a sort-of big post moments ago, but true to my apparent jinx this week, the Blogger server chose my exact posting moment to poop out.

Anyway: thesis, defense, train, and wreck.

Would have been very nice to know more than one day in advance that the analyses I was using were inappropriate for the type of data I collected. Now that I know, of course, it seems obvious. That is, obvious to anyone who looked at the document in advance, of course, instead of cramming it into a desk drawer until the day before the student's actual defense.

So all the quals-writing time I sacrificed in the past two weeks to get this thesis in were not a sacrifice but a waste! Now my quals paper (due tomorrow, of course) is merely a crazy-quilt of information bits, and does not even meet the length requirements yet. And yet I still have to redo my entire thesis by next Monday--again.

In better news, I discovered that the reason my tax return was so delayed (by about four months) was that the state was redoing my return to give me a bit more money than I expected. This has happened a couple times before, but I still don't understand what credit they're giving me. The EIC seems to require having a child, for example. (Which I don't, more's the pity.)

Anyway, so much for counting my catching-up chickens before they hatch...god, I need a serious rest.


argotnaut said...

Thesis: BOOO!
Taxes: Yay!

Blogger-pooping: BOOO! (I had just said to Frinkenstein, "I wish Dr. L would post something, darnit!" Wish to be entertained these days.)

liz said...

I know, I know. And as for wishing I would post--get in line, missy! Behind *me*, that is.

I can't believe how long I've gone on in this crisis!-redalert!-crisis!-redalert! mode. It's unbelievable. I can hardly believe I'm still able to stand up, let alone continue to function or do meaningful work. (Which, of course, begs the question.)

Well, back to printing out the rough rough rough draft of my paper, so I can walk all the way back home and then work on it some more, before coming back here to email it to my Quals committee. Poo.