Saturday, September 25, 2004

As part of my traditional Autumn Student Loan Splurge, I got something that I've been seeing ads for on TV for a long time: a vacuum sealer for food. That's one of those doohickeys that suck the air out of a polyethylene bag of food and then seal it shut. Yippee!

After about 20 minutes of agonizing in the store, I bought the cheapie one. But when I got it home, it didn't suck. I was extremely disappointed. But what did I expect from something with the brand name "Toastess"?

Luckily for me, S--I mean, TheLimey-- was amiable enough to take me to return it this morning before we headed off to his place for the weekend. I got the "Rival" one, which was conveniently on sale.

I have been sealing all kinds of produce from his fridge, and also a whole tomato from his garden. I am most excited to get the sealer home and mount it on the wall, and then seal up my potato chips, cheese, celery, baguettes, cereal, and carrots. It is really fun to use, I warn you. Oh, it's distracting me from re-re-redoing my dang thesis presentation for Monday, although that's pretty pressing. I wish I had silver items so I could seal them up!

I can't wait to seal up our pizza leftovers tonight.

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