Thursday, September 02, 2004

Last post before flying to Argotnaut & Frinkenstein home tomorrow.

Still about 15 pages behind on that 50-or-so-page paper that is my 3-year exam! Crat! It's that darn thesis that threw me off course. Maybe I can bring this laptop and do it on the plane. And don't say I'd never do it, because when you're a grad student, you do more desperate academic things than under any other circumstance I've seen so far.

Had my first class today, in which I think I managed to bore the socks off those poor students before we even really got started. Well, I'll make up for it later when there's a cartload of sturm and drang and people are weeping or punching one another once the discussions get started...I know how tough it's likely to be, but I don't think they know what they're in for yet. There are nearly 40 people in what should probably be a 20-person classroom. I hope there are no race and/or gender riots.

I just made a list of discussion groups the students are assigned to. Basically, I tried to spread out all the criminal justice majors and intersperse them with the people who are taking the class because they wanted to, rather than as a requirement. Also tried to spread out the male vs. female population to make sure there's a lot of arguing potential!

A few of them know my advisor/mentor, so that's good. Today she took back the key to her office after three years, which made me feel we're breaking up! She said I should think of it as me moving up in the world, as she handed off the key to her new doctoral fellow.

Had to dress like a prof today, too. Poo. But I like the nerdy kind of high-heel shoes I got. (Back to that "sexy lab tech" kind of style, I guess. As Argot and I were once thinking of doing a poster of, with thick glasses, short skirts, lab coats, slide rules--the whole geek chic thing.) If only I was doing the kind of research that involved wearing a lab coat...sigh. Like with rats. Darn! If only I were doing research with rats, full stop!

Now, must figure out how to get WebCT docs uploaded...may have to transfer to a lab computer and then do it. Crat!

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Andrew said...

Dress like a prof? What the hell does that mean? Every professor I had in college looked like they got all their clothes from Goodwill...and they did NOT find Ralph Lauren for a buck 98.

If you would allow me to analyze the psych grad, I would say you're dressing for yourself, not for the students. They don't care!

Not that there's anything wrong with wanting to appear an authority. But I would find "sexy lab tech" more distracting than if you wore a bikini. But that's just me...I'm partial to the geekatrix look.