Friday, September 17, 2004

Ah, I have to love the emich site. (AKA the "Page Cannot Be Found" site.) Because my life is so easy otherwise, I need more obstructions to every single little activity I undertake!

It is also making life hard for my students, who were supposed to love using the WebCT format to turn in their assignments. I guess that applies when the server is working properly.

Well, the relieving thing is, Simon managed to wangle a zip drive onto my home computer (though it was touch and go there, for a few) and so I have saved a TON of data and have just now burnt it onto CD at the computer lab here. There is something extremely satisfying (and amazing) about watching years of various data being safely compiled into one little silvery disk. I still can't believe how much data space is on each disk! It's incredible.

However, turns out I have about 600MB of photos (and RIF files, and drawings, etc.) on that Syquest disk. So I need to buy a few more zip disks today to rescue all of it.

The sad thing is that he was not able to put Office on my laptop due to lack of an elusive XP disk. So still without capability of doing schoolwork on the laptop until we rustle one up somewheres. Also must find a way to get that stats analysis software on it, if it's still floating around the department somewhere.

Note to self: ctrl-c this post before posting today, dammit!


argotnaut said...

I have a bazillion Zip disks no longer in use. Maybe even the drive itself, too, if you need an extry(?)

liz said...

External drive? Hmmm...

I got several disks at the student book store in the interest of expediency, since the zip drive is a limited-time offer on loan from somewheres unawares.

Man, is it ever nice to have (nearly) all my materials on one machine, instead of four.

When student loan arrives, must also look into getting printer and scanner, as I am really supposed to be a professional at this point, rather than an impoverished-acting undergrad.