Thursday, September 09, 2004

Whew. Feeling more like a normal person (whatever that is) today, thank goodness.

Having a kind of brain overload because there is a vociferous geology prof behind me in the cafeteria ranting loudly through his facial hair about how gender equity is BS, and badmouthing multicultural stuff, etc. etc., just after I got out of teaching my class. (Frankly, someone with that big a beard has no room to criticize anyone for anything.)

Arg! First he was railing against centralized government, then a second later he was saying there should be some kind of standardized, uniform educational standards across the country. Talk about your soapbox lacking insight, to violently mix my metaphors. He also mentioned that people in his family "aren't readers". Huh! Who'da thunk it?! Then he followed it up with the fact that he "hates physics" because it's "too conceptual" and there's "too many numbers." Good lord, what kind of scientist is this guy?!

Still trying to plow through the giant exam paper. Must finish over this weekend, and also prepare thesis presentation, and also get that one assignment from last fall done during the meanwhile.

In other news, two new links added for no reason (as usual):

Squirrel of Death

"...picture a large man on a huge black and chrome cruiser, dressed in jeans, a slightly squirrel torn t-shirt, and only one leather glove roaring at maybe 70mph and rapidly accelerating down a quiet residential street...on one wheel and with a demonic squirrel on his back."

And of course the ever-popular Milo's Tongue, which involves either the cutest or ugliest dog you've ever seen. Certainly the weirdest.

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