Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I finally turned in the third version of my thesis yesterday. I put in more than one 20-hour day during the past week, between that and the quals paper. (For which I had 3 and a half pages of references, and have now heard that others had anywhere from 10 to 17, so that pretty much lets me know that I will be getting it back with more writing required. Crat.)

Well, presumably this means I will be defending (again) sometime soon, though I must say the thesis thrill drops off pretty darn quickly after the first time of turning it in.

Finally got my student loan, which makes me think there must have been some mistake. There should be more roadblocks. It's still only September!

I think I left all my normal toiletry products in Simon's bathroom, so this week I get to use all those weird makeup and bathroom products that were crammed in a drawer somewhere and make me feel noticeably "made up." It's like when I've used up all the regular food in my kitchen and have to cook something from scratch or a box on the top shelf, but for my face.

While I was so busy, I thought of a ton of stuff I wanted to write, but now that I'm here I'm too used-up to think of them.

PS: As I may have stated before, EMU library's wireless is the suckiest I've met so far.

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