Saturday, September 18, 2004

I'm giddy with technology. Finally have appropriate programs on laptop so that I can actually do my work on it! (Also some things I probably don't need, but what the heck.)

Must rewrite thesis today based on new regression analyses run yesterday. (It actually makes more sense now, go figure.) Not saying I got a lot of results, mind you, but at least I came by them honestly, or correctly.

It took Simon a few hours of aggravation last night to work around the various disks that my computer was demanding in order to install the stuff, but he somehow managed it, and now it works. (Mmmm, smells like new machinery.) I think he gave me a lot of clip-art that I don't necessarily need, mainly because he loves clip-art. He furthermore got me hooked up on his home wireless network (I laughed when it popped up on my screen that the wireless network "Limey" was available).

I have transferred a great deal of non-laptop data onto (fresh new) zip disks, and there are more waiting to be filled when I get back home. Who knew I had so much memory invested in photos?

Plus, also, too, in addition, I saw that the school has finally sent my student loan to my bank. (Good job I don't have to buy texts any more, as I am the instructor now.) It'll be a couple of days before it registers, but--yippee! Perhaps my luck is turning around. It had better! [shakes fist vaguely at destiny]

Well, off to theese.


argotnaut said...

"Perhaps my luck is turning around. It had better! [shakes fist vaguely at destiny]"

Mighty dangerous doing that, but I hope you're right!

liz said...

Oh, hubris never hurt anyone. Isn't that what the ancient Greeks taught us?