Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Had a very nice visit to partly-cloudy Portland, despite having to turn off anxiety about huge workload. I have a bunch of photos, and Argot has even more-nicer ones due to her cooler camera, but I've no time to mess around with uploading them and so on until maybe a week or two.

Naturally, I am now experiencing a huge post-weekend crash, including all kinds of depressive and miserable and pessimistic feelings about anything and everything. Funny how predictable that is. However, I expect it to lessen over the next few days, as it generally does, as long as I take care of myself. I'm trying not to take my own dismal viewpoint about anything too seriously until I'm feeling more like myself again.

Teaching is going well, on the other hand, and it looks as though my thesis defense will finally occur next Tuesday. I just have to get everyone to agree on a time. Now, to just finish this *&%$# ferflinkte $%#@!# exam paper. I'd better get back to it now, as a matter of fact.

Oh yes, I did finally come up with an appropriate name for the new laptop: he (gendered computer) will be called "Clu". (If you know where that's from, you get some kind of MegaGeek certification.)


Mark said...

Would thet be short for "clusterin"?

liz said...

Heh heh...let the guessin' begin!

As far as I know, it's not short for anything, though it's possible that the original source had some creative person who used some abbreviation.

liz said...

Okay, the first item on my Amazon wishlist is a hint. (Dare I say--a clue?)

Aw, please, somebody get it!

(It's no fun being obscurely clever if absolutely no one knows what you're being clever about.)

Mark said...

Damn, i thought I was onto a winner when I found CLU in the Rat Genome Database *grin*.

Mark said...

Doh! Too big a clue!I haven't seen that in ages. I'll have to have a look if it's available to download.