Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Well, what I actually ended up doing was going home, speaking to my advisor on the phone regarding changes the committee wanted me to make by today before they'd sign off, and then took a 20-minute nap that turned out to actually be 4 hours long. The surprise part came when I awoke with an instant bladder infection!

This pretty much used up the rest of my evening, as I had to go catch a bus to the health food store to get stuff to treat it.

Okay, quick, while Blogger is still up. Here's my "patented" treatment protocol for UTI. This-advice-is-not-meant-to-substitute-for-the-care-of-a-physician-yadda-yadda. (I pre-dated it so those who are freaked out by medical stuff wouldn't have to read anything disturbing today , even though it's not really that disturbing.)

Hope the water is on when I go home today. It's been like living in a war zone for the past 6 months or so, with the constant construction in front of my house.


The Limey said...

Mmm...Glad you added that last bit.
On a side note this is the 2nd time I've added a post to this blog. Overall it's about 50% success rate so not sure I'm too impressed with this blogspot thingy.

liz said...

Hey, I think this comment was meant for the other post. (Surely you're not glad about my living in a waterless "war zone".)

Nevertheless, it posted both versions of your comment, in two different places. Where you placed them. Niner.