Sunday, November 28, 2004

I must also mention that my adorable little sister* (yes, another, and there are more where that came from) to whom I will refer as BirdGirl since she has no online identity yet has also begun selling her handmade jewelry on eBay. You can see the link down there by the ones of my aunts. I'm beginning to think I had better come up with something to sell online, and quickly, or I'll be kicked out of the family!

*And by "little" I mean only that she is younger than me, since she is a grown married woman of nearly 24, but will of course always be My Little Baby (TM).


argotnaut said...

Oho, so she's the Adorable One, eh?

What with all of the jewelry and art, I'm beginning to feel like the Untalented One. :)

liz said...

Well, nn, she's not the adorable little *one*--she's the adorable *little* one. (Which may become more complicated once the younger ones escape the nest/prison camp.) You can still be the adorable one who's approximately my age (though still a year younger.)