Friday, November 26, 2004

Did manage some successful baking. The magic peanut-butter middles turned out great, even though I used Land-o-Lakes Baking Butter (which is part canola). It's a shame TheLimey doesn't like peanut butter. Luckily, others did.

All together over the past week I also made: my notorious Invisibly Whole Wheat Butter-Brownies that do not at all seem like any kind of health food; oatmeal-currant cookies for TheLimey (I am always severely disappointed by raisin-like objects, as they are specifically not chocolate chips); a really good apple pie (I have begun adding lemon zest to the stuff I roll the apple pieces in); 2 chocolate meringue pies, cream puffs that didn't stay puffed long enough for me to fill with pastry custard but I did it anyway; onion-rosemary tarts; slow-cooked beef noodle soup and chicken stew with cheddar biscuits; and I can't remember if there was anything else. I'm still not satisfied, and I still have a ton of ingredients remaining. Perhaps will do more later this week when I return home.


Eric said...

Yeah, raisins suck. "NOOOOOOOOOOO, I thought you were chocolate."

argotnaut said...

All of this volitional baking . . . I'm beginning to think we're NOT related! :o

And . . . you usually wake right up all bouncy? Definitely not related.

liz said...

Well, the red-licorice black-licorice debacle already proved *that*.