Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I am SO tired of constantly playing catch-up, crisis-management, terror-stricken hurrification in absolutely EVERYTHING in my life for the past year and a half.

Found out today that the US Mail does not run tomorrow as it is frikkin' Veterans' Day. (Not that I have anything against veterans.)

It's just--there went my carefully engineered plan as to how I would mail a few "urgent" apps today (the one day I didn't have clients or teaching) to arrive Friday, and then tonight work on all the individual forms and de-identified sample reports to send, then send them tomorrow Priority Mail to arrive on Monday.

As it stands, instead I had to even more frantically and insanely than before throw together a bunch of real honest-to-goodness crap (that I hope they will even bother to look at) and mail it the most expensive way possible, just so I could get it all out tonight. That would be to the tune of about $180.

In addition, there are still three apps that I absolutely couldn't send today because of all the extra written stuff they require in the application packet, so I will have to send them overnight on Friday, for another whopping $60. Good LORD this is ridiculous.

Not to mention, because of all this insane hurrying, I forgot to include something pretty important in the two I sent first today, the "urgent" ones that are due Friday. I hope it won't count too much against me to fax it to them--if I can find a fax number--but who knows. When people are upset about a pore-sized smear on your vita....


Hope I didn't put anybody's frikkin' cover letter in anybody else's frikkin' envelope. Cripes.

As one of my colleagues pointed out, internship is in itself already such an aversive activity--why do they also have to make applying for it so aversive?! They should at least make the application part easy. I have been working on this stuff from dawn to midnight every day for weeks now. As another colleague remarked: "I can't wait until this 'full-time job' is over so I can get back to my normal full-time job!"


argotnaut said...

"Hey, why is there a Marmite and licorice sandwich in this envelope???"

argotnaut said...

I need to call you sometime -- I had a moment of panic yesterday when I suddenly felt as though only Internet You existed, and not Real You!

argotnaut said...

Wait, maybe that should be "some time" to parallel "everyday" as adjective, but "every day" as adverb. Microsloth's "More Useful Everyday!" drives me absolutely batty. They should know better!

D said...

Why is US Mail so expensive!? Sending things "Next day delivery" here isn't anywhere near that expensive unless your sending alot of stuff.

liz said...

I think it's because the only me who ever gets out to stretch her legs lately is Internet Me.

But hey, after Friday I will go back to only being ridiculously insanely busy, instead of ludicrously insanely busy!

There are so many shipping options--there was probably a cheaper one--IF I had been able to finish all the packets by 4pm when the last US Post went out from the campus mailing center. However, as I had to do everything that I had planned to do over 24 hours in one afternoon, the only option left at 5:30 or so was to send things UPS Ground. Which was about $10 a packet for the local-ish sites.

Also there was the Portland packet, which had to go UPS Air for a lot more.

Another factor that may be playing into it is the old saying "What is the primary difference between Americans and Europeans?...Europeans think 100 miles is a logn way, and Americans think 100 years is a long time."

In other words--sure, if I was sending something just across Michigan, it might be comparable to British postal rates. But sending it out of state is not like sending it from one county to another, distance-wise.

D said...

Good point.