Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Yesterday when I went down to my little park to jog, I found it partly underwater, and the river was slate-grey, violently turgid, and sloppily overflowing. The ducks seemed very happy with the huge new grassy-bottomed ponds in the park, the cops less so as they discussed it on their 2-way radios and tried to keep people out. Some porta-potties were overturned in one of the mini-lakes. At its far edge, people were wading with nets. I don't like thinking of a possible correlation... (However, still a lot better than the time I was jogging and they were dragging a body out of the river. Which I didn't actually see; only the commotion.)

I said I would take some pictures, but I think the water has receded somewhat at this point and the park is now just marshy.

**UPDATED*** Now with picture.

I also went across the river to see if the farmers' market was being held at the old train depot yet, but there was only the Michigan vintage VW club holding its annual exposure-fest. Lots of vans and Bugs (okay, but--yawn!) but I really liked a little Kharmann Ghia (sp?). Despite its being orange.

However, no produce was in evidence, so I went home empty-handed. I guess I could have gotten some retrofit or even original car parts, but they didn't seem very edible.

Finally got the Goldfrapp CD I originally ordered (Black Cherry), about a month after the other one I ordered (Felt Mountain) just as an aside. I am now so addicted to "Strict Machine" that I haven't been able to listen to the other tracks yet! However--darn media mail--it arrived exactly one day after the last, final, outside possible estimated arrival date. Therefore, I had just written to the Amazon seller about it, and they had promptly refunded the price, whereupon I just ordered a new copy from Amazon proper. (The heck with Media Mail!) Then I got home and found the package after "only" a month.

So now I have a "free" copy, and another coming in the mail. The last time something like this happened I wrote and told Amazon about it, and they re-charged me. I feel as though I ought to do that again, but I'm also annoyed that it took so long to get to me in the first place--does that mean it's their own darn fault? Or is it the USPS's fault, and I'm taking it out on the Amazon seller?

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