Tuesday, May 04, 2004

May 3, 2004 Again. Pathetic.

Surely I already posted this picture?

Still, it's probably my favorite picture of me. This is what I look like in my mind.

Last week was a little disorienting. I handed in the paper of my sort-of last class ever, although I still have two different assignments to hand in for two different classes in which I have incompletes. (And I only really resent one of them.) So anyway... it's sort of like I'm done, but there's still all this work to be done now. It just won't be in class format--except for the class I'll be teaching. I'll probably be a terrible teacher, at once a spineless pushover and asking ridiculously difficult things of the class.

I still have clients, research, and teaching adding up to a million hours a week. And then if I graduate (yes, if--who knows? Knock, knock) there'll be a year of internship.

But meanwhile, my time seems somewhat more flexible, which is logically absurd because classes only took up maybe eight hours a week.

At least this semester I got all A's. I am externally attributing this to Simon being good luck, but it may have been because there were no stats classes and no seminars with 3 or 4 components that each equalled an entire class's worth of work. Also I managed to avoid any emotional trauma for an entire semester! (More knocking.)

So what did I do with all the luxurious free time over our spring break? Well, finished some class work, for one. And saw clients, and worked on my thesis data, and did clinic paperwork. Spent some time sleeping, and even did a little house cleaning. Not nearly as much as I thought I'd do, though, so I guess that's coming up. (I'm actually looking forward to it.)

Also spent several hours watching various ages of guys play football, or soccer, if you're American. (For future reference, American football will be known as "Meatball," though you don't need to know the entire story behind that.)

Suffice it to say that despite the unseasonable cold, it was nice to stand around doing nothing for once in my frickin' life. (That includes not having a huge immediately due project hanging over my head.) Although I know about nothing about any team sport, including football, it was clear that people enjoyd it when they won. Also, nobody broke anyone's shin bone by kicking it, which is the photo that always pops into my head when exposed to that particular sport.

I have to admit that at one of the locations (was it near Whitmore Lake maybe?) I crept off to explore the surrounding park a little. It was very lake-y and tree-riddled, with accompanying pine smell. There were even a number of noisy frogs that had not yet been killed off by pesticides, as well as what looked like an abandoned soundstage. It would have been a proper summer camp atmosphere if it hadn't been about 3 degrees and windy. I think this is the "home" field of Simon's team, or one of them. Teams. I am conveniently incoherent and foggy on the details. However, I would like to go back to that park when it's warm--maybe when spring arrives, like July.

Oh, what else did we do over the weekend...hmmm...

Went out with some friends of Simon's in S.L. I discovered that although I have to act really tough (maybe even wear sunglasses) to drink regular martinis, I actually like "dirty" martinis--even though made with gin! (Especially delicious due to bleu cheese-stuffed olives.) The following day we watched Vanilla Sky at my place, which left me with a feeling that the world wasn't real. Maybe it's not. Or maybe it was just the fact that my couch is really too small and squishy for two people to lounge on at the same time, especially after having eaten soy-based riblike food product.

It also seemed like a much longer, activity-packed weekend than simply 24 hours or so, for some reason. Weird.

I guess I would now be okay with posting a picture of him here, if I would just get my behind in gear and prep one of the clinic computers for downloading stuff from my camera. (I still have pictures from my Halloween party on that thing.)

Okay, now it's late, so I'm going somewhere where there's cheese...

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