Thursday, May 13, 2004

Well, I may be gone until Tuesday or so, so I won't be updating.

My normally reliable email service is suddenly acting insane, and not allowing me to receive emails. It keeps doubling the amount of memory it claims that my emails are taking up, and then telling me that I am over quota. I've tried archiving and emptying the folders, which works for about half an hour, then it registers as filled up again.

The upshot is I may or may not be able to listen to emails (by phone) while I am gone this weekend, depending on whether uReach fixes whatever's going on. And to make things even more dicey, my phone service is not terribly reliable where I'm going, so you may not be able to reach me by phone, either! You can try, of course. The best bet is to leave me a message on my 877 number, which I can access by any ol' pay phone if I choose to do so. (Unless of course my uReach phone minutes start going as insane as my email space...)

I had a lot of entertaining things I wanted to post before I left, but now I can't remember a dang one of 'em.

At least it's still extremely beautiful outside...

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