Friday, May 14, 2004

I have no idea so far if the IPL is doing anything. Today the esthy reiterated that this was my third session, so I should expect to see some results in a few days. We'll see. She's also convinced that the improvement in my skin since last week is due to the retinol lotion she sold me last week, rather than the sun exposure. Or pill, or finals being over. I didn't have the heart to tell her that because of my sunburn, I didn't want to use anything that purposely increases peeling, so I haven't even tried it yet.

I find it very difficult to luxuriate in services like this, because someone else is having to perform it. Maybe if there was a face-rubbing robot instead...

Weird--this guy who was hitting on me at the bus stop last fall just got on the bus. I encountered him twice that day, and the second time I had some kind of baby product in my shopping cart. He asked if it was for my baby, to which I assented--without telling him that said baby was still a figment of my imagination. Thus I accidentally discovered a really effective way to get any guy to leave me alone! I don't know if he recognized me this time, but he did say hi to me before peppering the driver with loud questions about apparently imaginary service routes. Good to know it wasn't just my freak-magnetism that led him to talk to me before.


argotnaut said...

>IPL . . . esthy

It took me a few tries to parse this . . . "What kind of computer acronym is this???"

liz said...

Even non-computroids have jargon!