Monday, May 10, 2004

Weekend at Burnie's

(That would be me.)

I am cannibalizing a little bit from some emails I sent out today, so you might get bored if you're one of those people who got them. Boy, I just started using Blogger again yesterday, after--what, two years?--and they changed everything around!

I had planned to post some pictures from the weekend, but stupidly left my camera's usb cable and the spare cable in their box at Simon's, where surely they languish in uselessness.

We went to see Van Helsing, which got terrible reviews, but turned out perfect for what it appeared to be striving towards: a movie version of a ridiculous comic book! It was exactly as campy and silly as required for that kind of movie. What were critics expecting from those trailers? A serious movie?

Yesterday I got caught outside on a nice day without sunscreen. I thought I was maybe getting a little sun, but it turned out that I am now seriously Extra Crispy. My upper chest and shoulders have that "precancerous purple" appearance that I think is probably very sexy. My face is quite singed too, but at least it's been outside during the year, whereas the rest of my body has basically been under a rock. I can't even remember the last time I got un-screened sun like this. Yowch!

Today is Lisa's birthday, so she is once again only one year younger than me. (Ha! You'll never catch up!)

I am mainly interested in figuring out how to allow comments on my previous posts...there's some explanation about using post pages for previous entries, but I don't know how to make those occur. So forget it for now.


argotnaut said...

Yeah, but I *love* the new template! Mmmmm . . . soothing.

That Mozilla business explains the gobbledygook, too. I'm using Firefox, which has Mozilla guts.

liz said...

From your approval of the template, I can only guess that now *you're* going to switch all your stuff around start using Blogger again!

liz said...

Arg..."AND", dangit, I meant to write "AND"!


Yeah, the spine x-rays look exceptionally cool against this background. (Ooh--maybe I should create a T-shirt with a life-size image of my actual spine!)

Anonymous said...

No, believe it or not, I'm tired of changing things around. Although I *would* like to suck all of my archives into my new format. But is it worth the time?

I will just enjoy gazing upon your soothing green pages.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I also like the's nice and clean. What, this isn't good enough for Simon?

liz said...

No, he approves of *this* format. It was my old, randomly laid-out webpage that was entirely too disorganized for him.

(Next: I tie him to a chair and slowly fold up a map, WRONG, before his eyes!)