Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Well, I did not accomplish the one thing I wanted to do today, which was to play hooky all day because it was so beautiful out. (There are some really "good" birds down by the river that I want to gt a better look at, if they will just hold still long enough!)

However, I did do a lot of work at the clinic. Notice I did not say "finish a lot of work at the clinic." This is because most of what I did was just one task that took up a lot of time. I guess that should count the same in my mind as doing ten smaller things, but it doesn't. I thought I'd be out of here by 12 or 1, but here it is 5pm.

At least I made sure my malpractice insurance is up to date.

This weekend I am going to be out of the state, so I won't be playing online. In fact, this whole being-online-all-the-time thing is highly uncharacteristic of my schedule! So don't get too darn used to it, bucko.

Now, time to go home and harshly grade undergraduate papers. Okay, I actually grade them too easy, according to my advisor. But that hardly sounds as cool.

I also have a lot of work to do in the next few days on my thesis data, now that I'm adding in a section that discusses how masculine or feminine each menu item is perceived to be by the average college student.

Feminine: angel food cake, tofu, green salad, and skim milk!
Masculine: Hot sauce, steak, beef tacos, and beer!

If there are typos today, it's because I'm in a huge hurry. Post now, correct later.

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