Friday, May 14, 2004

Here's what happens when you live under a rock for nine months or so, and then sit in the sun without sunscreen for an hour or two:

"Precancerous purple"! Or at least, that's what happens to me. The great part is, it's only my arms and face that got burned. My legs are still as blue-white as skim milk.

I posted some avi's from last weekend on the main site, so there they are for your...scrutiny. (The link is above on the title bar, but invisible until you mouse over it.) I took about two dozen avi's, but only posted three.

I have my third face-melting appointment today. I can't tell if it's helping, and there are also a lot of other factors muddying the data. For example: I'm done with finals (thus a million times less stressed); I've been out frying in the sun; and I'm back on the pill-- all of which are proven to help. So it's not exactly your purest experimental design. Ah, who knows.

My current ruminative thought (which is at least funny):
On the episode of the Simpson's in which Marge gets sugar banned from Springfield, two of the newly-banned items mentioned on the news are "Milk Chuds" and "Big Red Snack Foam" (in what appears to be a shaving-cream can.)

Mmmm....cinnamon snack foam!

I tried to get Simon to finally watch Chud last night, but he fell asleep within minutes.

...It'll be back, never fear. ("This movie ain't gonna watch itself!")


argotnaut said...

Owtch, ootch, eetch! Now *I* feel sting-y all over!

argotnaut said...

What are you filming those AVIs with?

liz said...

With that little Fujifilm camera.