Tuesday, May 25, 2004

This is not just more random web playing. No, in the service of the research I am doing, I was actually looking up information on body mass index (BMI) stats.

Then of course I had to take the test on this particular site just to see what celebrity I was most like. Here are my frightening results:

Argghh...I hate popular anorexic characters. I am not frikkin' anorexic, okay? I naturally have a too-low BMI, and am actually kind of flabby right now, in my opinion. (Flabby meaning out-of-shape-flabby, not fat-flabby, before I get all kinds of concerned emails.) And yes, of course I know that women under a BMI of 20 or so have more trouble pregnifying, and the whole bone-mass thing, and all that. Bleh.

Guess I better go home and eat a cheeseburger or two after all.

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