Thursday, September 01, 2005

Finders, Looters

Finders, Looters
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A former student from the prejudice class I taught last year sent me this set of links, (included below). I combined the photos into one jpg for easier comparison (click to enlarge).

Amazingly blatant!


White people "find" things...

Black people "loot" things


One of the recipients of the group email responded humorously by saying "We're born evil, we can't help it. Why, just earlier today,
I caught myself looting some water out of the business school drinking fountain…"

Really, it's laugh about it or cry about it.


liz said...

This image has already gotten about 75 views in the very short time since I posted it, and someone has already placed it on their "favorites" list.

For some reason I'm nervous about so much activity at once!

And suddenly the other flickr-hosted images on this blog aren't showing up for me. Is that just the computer I'm on, or have they disappeared for others as well?

Tim said...

Well if you guys would stop teaching classes on how to be prejudice! Geez, our whole mission at the museum is to teach tolerance, and here Big Ed is holding classes!

Okay, I know that's not what you were saying, but I couldn't resist. Actually, I may go grab those images and hand them off to Molly (one of our education instructors). I'm sure she'd be able to use that in her Teacher Education seminars.

liz said...

I've been called a "Marxist freak" for that posting. (It really just made me want a T-shirt of that name.)

brainhell said...

They appear to have taken down the photo behind the "find" link:

"To our readers: This photo was removed from Yahoo! News at the request of AFP."