Monday, September 05, 2005

Wedding Part II: Blossoms of Madness

Friday, there were two things that had to go off smoothly for a lot of other things to also go smoothly. 1: My aunt had to be fetched from the airport, and 2: The flowers (nearly $300 worth) had to be delivered. I also had to run around to the craft store and to various other shops for flower, cake, and toiletry items that I hadn't been able to get yet due to work and moving. (Stupid life, interfering with my wedding!)

I was particularly worried about the flowers, as I knew that the wholesale place from which I had ordered them was sending them UPS. If you know my history at all, you know that I have a loathe/hate relationship with UPS for home deliveries because of their inability to leave anything anywhere without someone (who is invariably at work like a normal human being) signing for it. (If you hear ominous music right now, it's for a reason.)

However, at this point I was staying at TheLimey's, where he had signed a little thing saying UPS could leave shipments at the door, and I had also stressed to the company that I would have to be in and out of the house all day running errands. Therefore it was very important that their shipper leave the flowers at the door. To which they very pleasantly agreed. Just to make sure, I had placed several post-its on the door bearing pleas to leave shipments at the door, signed by me just in case they needed to take a signature with them.

Friday morning I told myself that I was simply going to get ready and go do my errands and then pick up my aunt at the airport, trusting that all my flower-delivery precautions would be fine--probably even unnecessary, and I couldn't wait around at home all day regardless. So I hurriedly dashed through my shower, imagining all the time that UPS was probably at my door right that second with the flowers.

For once in my life, my paranoid imaginings about missing important events while in the shower turned out to be true, as I discovered with a terrible shock when I walked downstairs and saw the delivery note on the back door. "We made our first delivery attempt!" it cried cheerfully. "The next attempt will be MOONNNDAAAYYY." (This last word sounded slowed-down in my mind like a nightmare in a movie.)

(To Be Continued...Someone keeps talking to me, and besides I ought to be working on real work anyway...)


Gwen said...

I am CONVINCED that this wedding madness that we put ourselves through is a subconscious rite of passage. Why else would we do it? Have we never heard other people say, "Don't ever do this!" and yet we do it anyway. If I ever get married again, I'm going to elope to some beach somewhere.

All that being said, I am thoroughly enjoying reading these wedding posts.

liz said...

Yes--and I don't even think it's subconscious!

And if I didn't have two new classes tomorrow for which I am still completing my lesson plans, I'd be working on finishing this.

For some reason I have to get it all down.