Monday, September 26, 2005

Junk Mail

I saw this idea proposed first by Andy Rooney a few years ago, but this guy has certainly upped the stakes considerably.

Now, if only there was some way to do it for the online spammers, too.


Anonymous said...

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liz said...

I find it so ironic to get comment spam on that entry.

Who has a way we can get back at the comment spammers? Anyone?

argotnaut said...

I saw some Blogger posts that have the "challenge" code (like on my site). Do you have that option, or is that for fancy paid accounts or something?

argotnaut said...

And that one's anonymous -- surely you can at least disallow anonymous posts.

liz said...

Oh, there's spam guard.

I'm talking revenge!

argotnaut said...

Well, you can forget it. It's just impossible. Back in ye olde dayes, I dreamt of it too.

liz said...

Maybe not today, but at some point, they'll get their comeuppance.

Of course, I think that about a lot of people. >sigh<