Monday, August 29, 2005

Oh cr**, what did we just do?!?

Another set of photos by another friend. (Beginning with an especially funny one--I think we were actually talking about the wind).


Tim said...

I think I like the non-posed, spontaneous pictures the best. They're always more natural and interesting, you know? Even if they're wedding pictures.

liz said...

Then you'd like ours, because we didn't have a "photographer" to the tune of "$5 million".

(Luckily we have lots of technophilic friends [not surprisingly] who brought scads of cameras.)

Gwen said...

Hey, Jim said he read somewhere that you made your own bouquet! It's quite breathtaking - good job. You could do it as a sideline!

What would your shingle say, though, when you hang it out front? "Bouquets R Us, Doctor Lizardo, PhD".

liz said...

It's true, I did make the 20-pound bouquet myself.

I flagrantly violated copyright laws by taking photos of the pages in the "Make Your Own Wedding Floral Arrangements" book at the craft store while I waited for someone to help me (...and waited...and waited. Finally after 20 minutes I gave up and did it on my own.)

They're really quite easy to do, and I got to use my own weirdo ideas, such as incorporating stems of fresh rosemary in the greenery, and using our own honeysuckle from the back fence. I'm very happy I did it that way.