Monday, September 19, 2005

News of Today

In a hurry, so:

Moon landing!! !!

$ $??


Tim said...

Even though I'm glad we're looking at going somewhere other than "high earth orbit," the method and lack of innovation being used is rather disappointing.

liz said...

I know, it's basically duct-taped Apollo. (My next band name: "Duct Tape Apollo"!). And I still agree with that Dr. England guy who said the heck with the moon, let's go straight to Mars! I even think this is a sordid ploy to distract us from the detritus and "blame" of Katrina.

But I still want there to be space activity!

Tim said...

Oh, I agree. I think it's good to have a space program that's active, it's just sad that we're constantly spinning with no real focus. Our program hasn't had any real vision since the days of Apollo!

And, as if to echo my belly-aching, the BBC is reporting the same problems. Like an out-of-control child, the space program just needs a little structure!

liz said...

It also needs to march upstairs right this minute and wash its face and put on a clean shirt.