Monday, September 12, 2005

Piled Higher & Deeper

Now that the semester has begun again, I have returned to that state wherein every single hour from get-up to lie-down is scheduled with something I desperately have to be doing.

I am prepping and teaching two new classes, working at the student clinic (and also somewhat at another clinic), and have just received approval to collect my data--which has to be collected by the end of the month, for reasons I can't discuss right now. Note that it is already September 12th. This is going to be a colossal effort. I have two assistants, bless them, and will be trying to recruit some more in my classes this week. I can't imagine that we will really be able to get 210 participants recruited and their data collected in two weeks. My advisor is now bugging me about why my database isn't already set up. "I'm a human being, not a machine"!!

I now commute to campus in the mornings. There are a lot of things about commuting that I really hate. Aside from the obvious gas and parking issues, it makes me really dislike people (including myself) by 8:15 am, for one. That's a really bad way to start any day, but particularly a day of teaching and therapy.

What I like about it is the misty fields of grain and small lakes and overripe trees, glazed with that Maxfield Parrish (sp?) kind of sunlight.


liz said...

I am so frickin' annoyed by comment spam. Especially that which tries to act like it's a person who "likes your blog".

However, I'm not ready to change the way I have my comments set up. The simplicity is still worth just deleting the comment.

argotnaut said...

Or at least it will be until you start getting a dozen spam comments on every post.

liz said...

True [treu]...although the awful infrequency with which I post lately means less likelihood of that. (Doesn't it? It seems like it typically targets new posts.)