Thursday, May 19, 2005

Let's Just Agree to Call Her Candy

I can find just as much material referring to "Candace Bergen" as to "Candice Bergen" in a general online search, but the ABC official cast bio listing for Boston Legal refers to her as "Candice",* as does that [fount? font?**] of all media, allmediaguide (movies domain), (for whom I used to edit copy, BTW).

Therefore I am going to go with my catfight searcher and use "Candice".

*You may notice that I have lately just given up the fight and begun using that British-variety inside-the-other-punctuation-marks type of quotation mark, whatever it's called.

**I want to say "font", but I feel the uncomfortable semantic clash of its old-fashioned meaning and the meaning that refers to Garibaldi 12 or Helvetica 8 Bold.

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