Wednesday, May 25, 2005

If you are the one person on the face of the planet who doesn't know that Revenge of the Sith contains the genesis of Darth Vader, then this post contains a spoiler. Unfortunately, you already read it, so now you might as well continue.

TheLimey pointed out that in the scene where the new Sith gets his Darth name, his evil mentor [dementor?] really doesn't take the opportunity to be menacing at all. As he says "You shall be Darth...Vader" his pause is ripe for Monty Python-esque farce. "You shall be known as Darth...Bunnyrabbit. --No! I mean, Vader." "You shall be known as Darth...Nicely. --No! I mean, Vader."

What bothers me is that while two of the Darths (Vader and Sidious) have perfectly good evil names apparently created by removing the "in-" prefix from words with negative connotations, this whole "Darth Maul" thing came completely out of the blue. It should have followed the pattern, if I can call two instances a pattern, which I can't.

This leads inevitably to which other Darth names they could have chosen instead of "Maul" (I won't even go into the dopey Maul character itself).

For example, using the negative-word protocol, we could have had "Darth Terrogator", "Darth Vective", "Darth Jection", "Darth Quisition", "Darth Culcation", or "Darth Cendiary". Or alternatively by just using any ol' word beginning with "in-", we could have had all sorts of great names.

This is where it gets fun:

For starters, there would be "Darth Timacy", "Darth Termission", "Darth Testines", "Darth Troverted", "Darth Tolerable", "Darth Terpretation", and "Darth Vigorate". Then we could go on to "Darth Boardmotor", "Darth Dependent", "Darth Controvertible", "Darth Hibitions", "Darth Diana", "Darth Dy 500", and so on.

The possibilities are endless!

(I will let TheLimey post the ones he came up with, so as not to steal them.)


Andrew said...

George Lucas is obviously a Bugs Bunny fan. In one cartoon, Bugs visits Wile E. Coyote (that's "Coy-oat-tay"). On Wile E's door is a plaque which states "Wile E. Coyote, Genius." Bugs smirks, knocks on the door and asks, "Are you in, genius?" Realizing his own pun, Bugs continues: "Are you in, capable? In, compentent? In, describable?"

Anyway, it should have been Darth Vasive. Works win "in" or "e". (That last period outside the quotation mark is for you, Limey.)

I miss Chuck Jones and Michael Maltese.

Eric said...

Darth Boardmotor sounds very frightening :P

argotnaut said...
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argotnaut said...

Oops, I knew I would accidentally include one you already wrote! My revised list:

Darth Consolable
Darth Tuition
Darth Tegrate
Darth Terstices
Darth Telligent
Darth Transitive
Darth Cur
Darth Habit
Darth Hale
Darth Digestion
Darth Terrogate
Darth Terminable
Darth Tricate
Darth Vite
Darth Fer
Darth Compatible
Darth Exorable
Darth Triguing
Darth Stigate
Darth Imitable
Darth Coherent
Darth I Should Stop Screwing Around And Do My Homework

Oh, I guess that one doesn't work, huh? But that leads to another one auf Deutsch: Darth Kunabel.

argotnaut said...

Darth Frastructure

brainhell said...

I notice y'all dancing lightly around the "Darth Ter..." series.