Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I accidentally left my phone on all night after yapping on it yesterday at length. So I thought I better charge it up during the day today, but...now that I've unpacked my weekend bag, it seems that what I have always feared has finally happened. I finally left my charger at TheLimey's. And we won't see each other for another five days or so.

I bit the bullet and ordered a replacement overnighted to the psych department (in case I'm not home to sign for it, as usual).

Of course, after I put the order through the site gave me a message that they are experiencing trouble processing credit card orders, so if I haven't gotten an email in 24 hours I should assume it went through.

Well, thanks for letting me know beforehand! That gives me plenty of time to fret and wish I'd used another company while not knowing if I'll get it tomorrow or the next day or not.



Tim said...

I was busy working in the stacks the other day when Liz called me, and in a moment of work bliss, I accidently placed my cell on a shelf and forgot what I did with it. We were separated for almost four days before my co-worker Carl found it lying there, unattended.

Of course, by this point, I'd gotten used to not having it. Now, I'm forgetting to charge it, forgetting to put it in my pocket, etc. Maybe I'll just lose it again.

liz said...

I well remember not having a cell phone, up to about four years ago. It's one of those addictive things.

The peace and stillness are rather nice, especially knowing they won't be interrupted at any moment. I have an excuse to be unavailable to everyone's beck and call.

(Of course, now I can't beck and call others, either.)