Wednesday, May 04, 2005

It started out as a cold day, but has warmed up to only somewhat chilly. At least the sun is shining, and it's not snowing and/or sleeting as it has been the past few days.

Furthermore, I got the replacement charger for my phone, which is here in the computer lab with me sucking up juice even as we speak (so to speak).

Not to mention, it's been a multi-squirrel morning here on campus. Some very pregnant-looking ones out there, including one mom-to-be who was too hungry to be satisfied with just one peanut and juggled several small ones at once before hopping off. I also got a glimpse of just one chipmunk before it saw me and dived down its tiny hole next to the walkway.

Nevertheless, I tossed one tiny peanut down the hole. [shaking fist] "You won't get away from my feeding you!"

Can't get "Fly Me to the Moon" out of my head. Especially the string-plucking parts. (I feel like I should be wearing a lemony chiffon dress that floats around me when I hear that kind of music.)

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